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Long Distance Moving: How It Works

We get you from point A to point B the smart way.

If you think moving across town can be a real hassle, try moving out of state or across the country. When itís time to move long distance SMARTBOX is here for you. We take the hassle out of long distance moving. Why not make your next long distance move simple, secure and smart by giving SMARTBOX Portable Storage a call and asking for your free moving quote?

Don't stress out about your next move! Itís not worth it. Forget the added headaches caused by careless van lines, or even worse, the self-inflicted migraine caused by speeding cross-country in a rental truck just to avoid being charged an extra day because you got lost. Forget the uncomfortable, gas guzzling, over-heating rental truck and make this easy on yourself by calling us first!

Save time and money moving with SMARTBOX long distance.

Can you image when the Pilgrims were sailing across the ocean in the Mayflower moving all their stuff? Now thatís a headache none of us want. Moving out of state with traditional movers is expensive and you are stuck with moving on their terms. With SMARTBOX, you control the entire process allowing you to move at your pace and with set pricing. We give you the peace of mind for the entire move. In state or moving out of state, we have a solution that fits your need.

Simple, easy and smart.

Our flexible, affordable and convenient process makes your next long distance move simple, easy, and smart. Get one of our free, accurate moving quotes before your next move by calling one of our friendly long distance representatives. Our professional and experienced specialists will help you coordinate your next move with ease. All you have to do is pack. We'll take care of the rest!

Get an accurate quote!

Find moving quotes before you make your move right here on our website, or contact one of our knowledgeable long distance specialists who will coordinate a moving schedule and provide you a moving quote. Your local SMARTBOX office or national affiliate will provide you moving containers to the originating location for convenient no rush packing. Weíll even bring you the boxes you need.

Need additional packing supplies?

Don't forget to order extra packing supplies ahead of moving day, for all those last minute items you discover hiding around the house. From cardboard packing boxes, packing tape, or moving blankets, just let your SMARTBOX customer care rep know when you place your order, and your supplies can be delivered with your SMARTBOX containers right to your doorstep.

Once your Smartboxes are packed and loaded, the mobile storage units long distance moving coordinator will arrange your pick-up. Once your containers have reached their final destination, they will be unloaded at your local SMARTBOX Portable Storage center and delivered to your new address when you arrive. Itís that simple.

Contact us today and be on your way to the best concept in moving long distance.

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